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Very proud to have released the first chapters of „The Rails 6 Way“, the book I‘m writing with Obie and Tom <3 It is a lot of work, but that makes me even happier to have reached this milestone

Feeling even better with than with

I guess I will do a more thorough test with budgie :)

Ok, found a first show stopper in

I installed it using full disc encryption and every time I enter the password on boot it takes between 20 and 30 seconds until the boot continues after the password prompt.

Sorry , maybe I'll check back later...

Next contestant: Ubuntu Budgie :)

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Finde es extrem ungerecht, dass viele Krankenkassen als Zusatzleistung Globuli erstatten, es aber keine solche Regeln für saueres Weingummi gibt. Die Wirksamkeit von Weingummi gegen schlechte Laune liegt auf der Hand UND es enthält genau so viel „Wirkstoff“ wie in Globuli. 😤

I just gave it a short try so far but for now looks absolutely fantastic!

Absolutely looking forward to the release of Ubuntu DDE 20.04!

For those who don't now yet:
This is Ubuntu with Deepin Desktop Environment.

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Addition: The material is in h264 not HEVC. Playing the files directly using player is smooth.

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First conclusion to cutting video using (Ubuntu, kdenlive):

Stuttering like hell, and kdenlive crashed while importing media and creating a title clip.

Used material: 4k 2160p 29.97fps 100MBit/s from Osmo Action Cam

Sorry, I really would‘ve loved to make videos using but this is currently just impracticle... 😢

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Presenting the least useful Pi Hat ever- the Raspberry Pi Zero RF Modulator. The answer to the question nobody was asking: “How can I display my raspberry Pi Zero on an antique TV?”


Dumb question:

It‘s good that we have decentralized alternatives to , etc., but who or what prevents the big companies to automatically crawl through our publicly visible toots and such?

Almost everything we do on the is visible to the world and hence mineable. All the big guys can continue creating profiles of us, just from other sources.

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Um auch in heimischer Isolation ein wenig Spaß und Abwechslung zu haben, hat sich hier auf Mastodon eine kleine aber feine Gruppe gefunden, die gemeinsam Quizduell spielt. Wer mitspielen mag, findet hier ab sofort Mitspieler aus dem Fediverse. Jeder darf sich natürlich auch selbst dort eintragen.

Things you never forget:

-> your ICQ number 😁

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Der Azubi erzählt, dass in dieser neuen Star-Trek-Serie ja der Professor X aus diesen alten X-Men-Filmen mitspielt.

Ich denke, ich entlasse ihn einfach fristlos, weil das Vertrauensverhältnis irreparabel gestört ist. is back with v3.1.3 🙂

Ya didn't notice that we've been gone for a minute, didn't ya? 😎

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Found on discord:

"We all have Schroedinger's Virus now.

Because we cannot get tested, we can't know whether we have the virus or not.

We have to act as if we have the virus so that we don't spread it to others.

We have to act as if we've never had the virus, because if we didn't have it, we're not immune.

Therefore, we both have and don't have the virus. Thus, Schroedinger's Virus.

If you don't understand this joke, you're never allowed to talk about science again."

„The new 10th-generation processors also support Wi-Fi 6, aka 802.11ax“

What the heck does the CPU have to do with Wi-Fi? Nothing!

There is a dedicated chip for that...

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