Remember the Crew Dragon mission to ISS started two months ago?

Two astronauts come back to earth in these minutes. Live stream:

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @pixelfed - Free open source federated alternative to Instagram

🌟 @Jami - Encrypted Libre P2P alternative to Skype

🌟 @microg - Project providing FOSS alternatives to Google's Android services

🌟 @Styxcolor - Freelance artist currently drawing lots of bizarre cats

🌟 @support - Managed hosting service for PixelFed, Mastodon, PeerTube and HomeTown instances

🌟 @xxyxxyart & @xxyxxyart - Sculptor who makes really cute tiny figurines

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PeerTube 2.3 is out! Discover on the list of new features!

Have you seen the broadcast message system ? 🤩

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Seven 'no log' VPN providers were hacked, exposing 1.2 TB worth of user logs. Data includes plaintext passwords, IP addresses, timestamps of user connections, session tokens, information of the device, and OS being used along with geographical information in the form of tags.

The VPN providers affected are UFO VPN, FAST VPN, Free VPN, Super VPN, Flash VPN, Secure VPN, and Rabbit VPN. If you have an account with one of these providers, I strongly suggest you delete your account immediately and if you use the same password you use for your VPN account on any other website (which you should never do), change it ASAP.

More info here:

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Stop mirroring your Twitter account to the fediverse, especially these retweets of a single picture without any caption or comment.

We used to say the Web had shrunk to four websites where people posted only screenshots from the other three, let's not add a fifth one to that dumpster fire.

Next projects with or :

* learning 433mhz remote (no need for hardcoded codes)
* internet Independent chat tool using radio for communication and webserver with as UI on an esp32

Can‘t wait to get started \o/

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Tinkering with the was so much fun that I just ordered the bigger version (thx @hax for the inspiration) for further experiments.

So excited that the MakerHawk version of the esp32 comes with an OLED display and a battery management controller onboard :)

Thema :

Normalerweise hätte ich ja gesagt "Wenn der Geist einmal aus der Flasche ist, kriegst du ihn nicht mehr dorthin zurück!"* aber der EuGH scheint es ernst zu meinen und tatsächliche Änderungen in den Unternehmen bei der Übertragung der Nutzerdaten ins Ausland herbeiführen zu wollen 👏

* im Sinne von: Die aktuellen Praktiken der (US) Unternehmen kriegst du so schnell nicht mehr geändert.

I had to use two dumb remotes for the lights in my terrace roof... until now :D

Stick together an and a 433MHz transmitter and, booom! Control your lights with your smartphone \o/

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Choose all the ones you use:

Boosts welcome!

Say, is there something like today? [0]

I loved the idea of contributing storage space and in return distribute my data encrypted accross other users!


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@einfachbewusst @koetpi Wie wahr...

Ist aber manchmal gar nicht so einfach seinen Spieltrieb nach Neuem zu zügeln 🤷🏼‍♂️

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