panels installed -> check
storage delivered -> check

Next week everything will be connected and installed.

Guess I can use run on own energy very soon, yay!

Well, if you can trace the border just by looking at stations, that‘s SLIGHTLY embarrassing ☹️

There is still a long way for germany to catch up...

I had to use two dumb remotes for the lights in my terrace roof... until now :D

Stick together an and a 433MHz transmitter and, booom! Control your lights with your smartphone \o/

Ein hervorragender Spruch, den ich eben im Netz zum Kontext und gefunden habe 😁

All my planned runs for this month got cancelled. The Trail Run in belgium and the Venloop in the netherlands.

As an alternative I just did a relaxed run in the neighborhood today :)

Unser erster 50km Staffellauf \o/

Der Ultraloop in Stein, Niederlande

Zu viert geht die Distanz recht entspannt :)

Wäre ja sehr nice, wenn der aufgeführte Link auch Informationen zu 10.15.3 enthalten würde, und nicht bei 10.15.2 aufhörte...

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