Still confused why seems to be the main alternative promoted in the current thing 🤷🏼‍♂️

What about ?

- Now completely open source
- Proven security
- Independent from phone number (!)

Is it still that people refuse to pay some cents (!) for an app? That‘d be rediculous 🤦🏼‍♂️

I used threema a few years ago, it was very buggy back then. So I switched to signal then, and sticking with it.

Now I assume threema is less buggy now, but I have no need to go back to another app

@sexybiggetje I‘m in the other boat 😁

Meanwhile Threema works flawlessly 🙂

@Nico Threema is not completely open source. Only the apps are. Server infrastructure is still closed source.

@OK_OK Sorry, you‘re right.

Nevertheless, even an untrusted infrastructure should not be a problem for end-to-end encryption.

@Nico I guess Threema just is not very well known outside German-speaking countries.

@Nico I use both Signal and Threema. The fact that Signal is free certainly has helped it to achieve much wider adoption than Threema.

And even if they refuse, you can bribe them by giving them licenses for free. Like: "try it out, I'll help you".
Of course, how easy that is can differ, depending on wether you/your friends use Android or iOS.

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