Well, if you can trace the border just by looking at stations, that‘s SLIGHTLY embarrassing ☹️

There is still a long way for germany to catch up...

@Nico Looks like your App is missing data. Does this look the same with e.g. mobility+ by enbw?

@Nico looks like France really has to catch up.

Na, just kidding. There are not many chargers in dense populated areas yet, that's true. I live in such an area. We simply charge at home. Cities and highways are mostly fine by now and they are still building, of course. #Stuttgart for example freed ~75 new spots just last week.

It's not that grim as you make us believe 😉

@bekopharm It is not my intention to draw a worse image of the situation than it really is.

Checking with mobility+ however yields a similar image for that corner of germany.

Anyway, you‘re right. Looking at other places of germany I can see much better coverage of charging stations than in the screenshot I posted.

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