What are your main ingrediences for a complete -web presence?

* for social
* for images
* for videos
* for storage, contacts and calendars

What else do we got?

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There isn't a way to have distributed email other than running your own multi instance mail server.

@blackfireburns @triF5
Mail is interesting as it already is decentralized. Similar as XMPP is a decentralized protocol for chatting.

I think it‘s a matter of what server you choose.

However, setting sth up yourself is rather complicated as other mail servers probably don‘t want to communicate with yours as long as it has for example an IP coming from your providers dynamic pool.

@Nico Great list 👌 I would add email (would not host it myself, but choose a trustworthy provider) and maybe a homepage/blog? :)

@Nico ...and of course XMPP. Would still be the best way to chat if it wasn‘t for the bad iOS clients :(

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