Die kriegt die Tür vor der Nase zugeschlagen wo sie schon halb über der Schwelle waren 😂

Das tut aua 🙃

Einfach mal schreiend im Kreis rennen…

This holds especially for applications that need a steady stream of latency-critic data.

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uAPSD is a performance killer!

If your wifi is inexplicably slow, look if this is enabled in your access point and disable it!


Again we see graphics card refreshes that strive for a little bit more performance at the cost of higher power consumption. [0]

Instead of squeezing out the last bit of performance I‘d be much more interested in the energy sweet spot of a GPU architecture!

[0] computerbase.de/2022-05/amd-ra

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One week ago I launched fediverse.info

Since then, 515 people registered and have been added to 1800+ topics!

Discovery is important, and while we strive to fill this void, our ultimate goal is to help standardize discovery across the fediverse.

Every #fedi project should have this directory! #activitypub #fediverse #fediverseInfo

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WOW. Yeah I've been on mastadon for like only five days now but I'm already flabbergasted at the world that should have been... w3.org/TR/activitypub/#Overvie

Like literally how did we all agree to just NOT have interoperable social networks??? Looking at the activity pub docs makes it clear how ridiculously easy that would have been. You want my content? Just GET my outbox. Want to send me something? Just POST to my inbox. The server can be anything you want, just format your messages in this (VERY INTUITIVE!) way. It's so simple it's STUPID.

I'm very new to all of this, so I'll admit that there's a lot I don't know, but what is painfully obvious right now is how, yet again, the tendrils of Capitalism have fundamentally altered the STRUCTURE of the Internet to make it less open, less empowering and generally WORSE for most users. However, what's also becoming clear is that it does not have to be that way, and being here is in some small way, bringing about that better possible future.

I once thought that will probably never gain as much traction and users as the

… and I still do!

- no advertising
- fewer passive scroll-through-users

And that‘s a good thing!

If there are more fans out there:

is working flawlessly on the even though valves rating says the opposite.

I just had to choose `Proton Experimental` and a community controller layout.

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Wenn Leute behaupten, die Wahrheit liege immer irgendwo in der Mitte, muss ich an dieses Bild hier denken:

Parcel tracking is both good and from hell if you’re desperately waiting for sth 🙈😅

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Mal eine Frage an die Menschen, die mit Elektrik und Elektronik zu tun haben: kennt ihr Tools mit denen sich ordentliche Blockschaltbilder zeichnen lassen? Idealerweise auf dem Mac, alternativ auch unter Linux…

Danke euch für Kreative Ideen und Boosts 🙂

Another hint:

It won‘t take long that you‘ll follow so many people that your timeline is so full you‘ll struggle to keep up with all the toots.

Mastodon allows you to maintain lists. Sort the people you follow in lists of certain topics and you‘ll be able to filter your timeline by the toots of these people making everything more clearly 🙂

They shipped it! I can't believe it, they shipped it!

Can't wait for my to arrive :)

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Wenn du bei #Twitter prominent genug bist bekommst du von Twitter Inc. ein blauen Hacken der deinen Account verifizieren soll, das der Account von der Person betrieben wird für die sie sich ausgibt.

Auf #Mastodon gibt es ähnliches, du kannst aber selber deinen Account verifizieren in dem du einen Link in deine Webseite/Blog etc. hinterlässt. Wenn Webseite und Mastodonaccount korelieren dann bekommst du du einen grünen Hacken zur Verifikation.


#NeuHier #Introduction

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